Choose The Right Type Of Vacuum Cleaner For Your Household Requirement

Today people have no time in their busy schedule to dust their homes like they did in yesteryears. Everyone needs a vacuum to keep things spic and span. Everybody has carpets in cold places which are difficult to clean making vacuum cleaners a necessity.

Many brands and types of vacuum cleaners for pets are available today in the market. Some fact about them will help you buy the right one for your needs. Reviews from friends and public forums will also help you to choose the right one.

Types of Vacuum Cleaners:

  • Stick or Electric broom: To clean your carpet or outdoors, choose a stick device. It can easy reach all corners of your carpet and can help to clean even small amount of dust and debris. But it has only normal suction power.
  • Hand Held: To clean your stairs, corners and car interiors choose this device. It is available with or without a cord and has rotating bristles along with normal suction power.
  • Canister: They can clean numerous surfaces like tile, wood floors and carpets. It can also clean upholstery and drapes. They run on wheels and can be pulled around the area. But they are not lightweight like a stick or hand-held devices.
  • Upright: Deep clean your carpet with this upright device which has a strong and a powerful suction. It has an intake and exhaust port, a fan motor, a bag to collect the dust. It is a powerful cleaning device with versatile uses like a canister.
  • Robotic or Automatic: It cleans the area with instructions that has been programmed by the user. It is also a lightweight device and does not need assistance. Automatically it cleans the area and even under the bed due to its compact size. Once it has cleaned it automatically turns off. Even when you are away from home, they can clean as they have electronic sensors to detect walls and furniture.
  • Central systems: They can be used when your house is under construction. This is especially useful for people with physical limitations or respiratory problems. A channel runs into each room from a centralised location and when the power is enabled it sucks all the dust and collects it in a receptacle at a central area like a garbage pile.

Choose your type based on your need. Do away with harmful allergens and improve your indoor air quality today.